Letter: Re: Fees

The first sign this was not going to be a pleasurable experience was how unappetizing the sandwiches and the overdone french fries looked. I went to pay the bill with my ATM card and experienced for the very firstvery first time how the restaurant no more took ATM or bank card. However, there is a machine by the register specifying $1 for ATM and get in PIN for credit card.

The person of the dining establishment took my BANK CARD and ran it through the machine, which called up $21. My costs was $10.86. I was then provided my modification minus the $1. I then also left an idea. My bank charged me $2.50 for making use of the machine. This exchange was done extremely matter of factually by the restaurant. After being a customer there for five years, I will not return there.

There are dining establishments and businesses in Yuba City that do charge for using your ATM; however, the transaction is done through their banking system and you are only charged for your purchase plus their fee. No extra charge to your savings account.

In this case, I spent an additional $3.50 for lunch along with a suggestion. While rates are increasing for many reasons, if a company requires additional cashadditional money to pay their bank charge, enhance your rates. Do not ding your consumer by installing a machine.

Last however not the least, people, declinechoose not to let yourself be dinged by all these extra costs. The more you prepared pay them, the more will happen. To the companiesbusiness, if you want individuals to shop regional then be a little kinder to your clients. Make the cashthe cash you need to be successful and do not make your customers feel as though they are a means to your requirements.

Jacqueline Daunton

Yuba City